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Garden Watering Kits

Our simple, easy and efficient D.I.Y. solution

"I'd like an automated watering system...So when we are away we don’t have to rely on the neighbours." BUT, " It’s too complicated," " I wouldn’t know where to start". " What would I want?" " Could I fit it?" We have made it so easy, anyone can fit our system. We can supply all you require, you don’t even need a screwdriver and definitely no plumbing knowledge.

If you’re not confident to plan a complete watering system, one of our kits is the answer. Decide what you want to water, for Beds and Borders you need a Micro Sprinkler Kit. The Adjustable Dripper Kit is ideal for Baskets,Tubs and Pots. Once you have installed your kit you can add any parts as and when you need then from our "Watering Bits and Pieces".

How to install a Watering System

Its easy as 1,2,3...

1. Starting from the tap, screw on the Tap Connector. This will take the 12mm Main Tube supplied in 25 metre (82’) coils and forms the backbone of the system. The tube is easily cut and bends round a 30cm (12”) radius, if tighter use a 12mm Elbow. To go in two directions use a 12mm Tee. A 12mm Joiner connects another length of tube. An Inline Tap turns off part of the system. At the end of a run finish with a 12mm End Plug. These fittings just push into the special 12mm Main Tube which naturally grips the joint. Use 12mm Nail Clips to fix to fence or wall.

2. To make an outlet for a Dripper or Sprinkler pierce a hole in the Main Tube with the Tool and push a Hose Barb in. The tubing closes round the Barb forming a water tight seal. A hole in the wrong place is sealed using a Goof Plug.

3. A piece of 5mm PVC Hose is cut off the 10metre (33’) roll and pushed onto the Hose Barb, then onto the Micro Sprinkler or Dripper. 5mm PVC if run up or down a wall or fence is fixed with 5mm Nail Clips. It could not be simpler.

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Simply Control Micro Sprinkler Kit

For bed and border watering
Price: £64.95


Simply Control Adjustable Dripper Kit

For watering hanging baskets, tubs and pots.
Price: £49.95


Micro Sprinkler Head

Micro Sprinklers produce a rain like spray.
Price: £1.95



Stake for Micro Mister

16" Micro Mister Stakes
Price: £1.95