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Thermo Hygrometers & Other Meters

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Conductivity Meter 1- 1999 us/ cm

Waterproof meter. Simple calibration. Complete with batteries and calibration fluid sachets.
Price: £125.00


pH Meter  0 to 14pH

Waterproof and floating case. Automatic calibration. Complete with batteries, battery life indication and calibration fluid sachets. This new unit has the added advantage of a replaceable pH electrode for longer life.
Price: £110.00



A weatherproof sensor, display unit is positioned in the greenhouse. This "talks" to a Main unit with a large LCD display by wireless transfer 418 Mhz up to 30metres away.
Price: £64.95

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Sensor Display Unit

Additional unit for the Thermo-Hygrometer. Transmits information to the main unit.
Price: £29.95