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Timers for Automation Solutions

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Simply Control Burst Timer

Our Burst Timer provides a short burst of spray followed by a wait period. Both spray and wait times are setable from 1 second to many hours. Added to our plume sprays this reduces wetting and improves control.
Price: £119.00


Plug in Timeclock (Analogue)

24 hour plug in analogue timer, 15 minute intervals 13amps. As supplied with our Transformer Water Controller with Timer. Fits in our Sockets & Housing.
Price: £16.95


Digital Plug in Timer

The Digital timer runs 24hours and 7 days allowing daily or weekly programmes to be set. Push button settings with six ‘ons’ and six ‘offs’per day.
Price: £27.95


Simply Control Splashproof  Digital Timer

A digital 7 day programmable timer in a splashproof box will control and switch 16amps. For Growlights, pumps, solenoids, garden lighting etc.
Price: £64.00