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Simply Control Micro Sprinkler Kit

For bed and border watering

Simply Control Micro Sprinkler Kit

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The Micro Sprinkler Kit is easy to install and adapt as the planting changes. Far more efficent than an ordinary hose as it uses less water as it delivers water directly to the plant roots where its needed. Thus reducing evaporation therby allowing the plants to thrive.

The Micro Sprinkler Kit with 15 assorted Micro Sprinklers is enough to water approx: 50' x 12' (600sq:ft). The 12mm Main Tube can be laid on top or under soil or can even be mulched over.

Extend and adapt the basic kit to suit your needs by looking at the Watering Bits and Pieces section. You can even automate the system with our Transformer Water Controller.

For bed and border watering

Complete kit contains:

  • 15 Assorted Micro Sprinklers
  • 15 Micro Sprinkler Stakes
  • 25metres of 12mm Main Tube
  • Tap Connector
  • 12mm Elbow Joint
  • 12mm Tube Joiner
  • 12mm Tee Joiner
  • 12mm End Plugs x 2
  • 10metres of 5mm PVC Tube
  • 15 Hose Barbs
  • 5 Goof Plugs
  • Hose Barb Tool
  • Full, easy to follow Installation Instructions