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Hose 5mm PVC, 10 mtr (33ft) roll

Delivers water to the Drippers or Micro Sprinklers from the 12mm Main Tube via connecting Hose Barbs

Hose 5mm PVC, 10 mtr (33ft) roll

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If the 12mm Main Tube is the backbone of your watering system, then you can think of the 5mm Hose Tube is the ribs.

The 5mm Hose is connected to the 12mm Main Tube by Hose Barbs. The Hose Barb Tool makes a hole in the 12mm Main Hose that fits the Hose Barb snuggly.

The 5mm Hose then can be run to the point where you want to locate your Sprinkler or Dripper. The Sprinkler Stakes are pressed into the ground and grip the 5mm Hose neatly. With the correct colour of Micro Sprinkler fitted to the Micro Sprinkler Stake the line is complete.