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Mist Maker with Floatation Chamber

This atomiser produces humidity for a 6 x 8 greenhouse when placed in a water butt. Can also be used as a decorative feature in water or a pond. The loatioan chaamber ensures the correct working depth is maintained.

Mist Maker with Floatation Chamber

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Creates cool, lingering mist 3 fog-generating elements No heat or chemicals used Built-in safety features High frequency ceramic membranes vibrate water into dense mist Includes optional floating buoy Add extra interest to garden water features with this advanced, high volume, mist-producing device. Simply immerse it 63-85mm below the surface of the water and, using its five high-frequency generators, it creates a cool, low-lying mist that clings to the surface of the water. The device’s housing is solid nickel-plated brass and it operates at a safe low voltage from the supplied mains transformer. The five membranes are subject to wear; their lifespan depends on a number of factors including water hardness, operating time. A special buoy that floats the Pond Fogger, keeping it at the correct depth in the water, is also included in the kit as an optional means of installation.